Nephrology (0)

The Department of Nephrology at Aziz Fatimah Hospital is providing a broad range of Consultative, Diagnostic and Treatment services for the patients with adverse kidney diseases and dialysis.

Haemodialysis Center has been set up to provide the latest Renal Dialysis Facilities to the needy patients at lowest possible cost. At present, three dialysis machines are working to provide the service. One dialysis machine is kept reserved for HCV (Hepatitis-C) patients. Special modern plant has been installed to provide the backup services and quality care in this dialysis center.

Team of Qualified Nephrologists, Trained Nursing and Para Medical Staff are available to extend Nephrology and Dialysis Services to the needy at very minimal rates.

Not only this but a dialysis machine has also been reserved for admitted patients in Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U) for emergency cases.